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(n) A small furry woodland creature that senses are always very intensely attuned to its surroundings.
You must be a lert.
To be a lert you must be constantly aware of the things around you.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
To be in a state of "lert" is when your in the mood to basically fuck shit up.

When you are "lert" there is the constant feeling that nothing will satisfy you but a good time, seeking and pleasuring hot women or partaking in copious amounts of questionable activity frowned upon by most cultures (yes like masturbating in airplanes or doing lots of hard drugs).

Lert and fuck go hand in hand.

Jesus once said: Fuck bitches, Get Lert.
Fuck this history exam I'm feeling lert as fuck.

Boss #1: Man I could go some pussy, alcohol, fast cars, drugs, fights, parties, boats, hoes and some fucking chinese food...

Boss #2: Me too. Lets get fucking lert.
by duckfuckingsauce September 30, 2010
shorthand for 'see ya later'.
"I've gotta go - Lert!"

"Ok, then, see ya lert."
by heyman8 June 03, 2009
referring to a $1 bill; usually said in the projects.
Hey Jake, You got a lert i could borrow?
by D-Money18 March 20, 2009
the state of being in which your left breast has been ripped off and is flappping the wind due to being struck by the American Dream in the form of a convertible.
After being struck, Myrtle was lert.

It sucks to be lert.
by Peruvian Hairless March 07, 2008
the unecessary use of question marks.
dumb prep: haha cool? ok?
awsome kid: you just totally lerted, you dumb fuck.
dumb prep: would it be cool if i knew what that meant? yo?
by a_to_the_lley June 25, 2006
big stank...thats all
everytime i fart it smells like lert
by Corebore13 December 29, 2007

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