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scouse word for "lad"
ay lerd, look at dis!
by Willy~Wonka February 03, 2005
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another way of saying lord
Oh my lerd!
by PeaceTreety September 09, 2011
another way of saying word.
xavier was making up lerds in english class. not one lerd was real. lerds such as lapdoor and lerd were of the many attempts
by poofh8r September 24, 2010
Lerd;Gay dwarf; most commonly said on online multiplayer games (such as Word of Warcraft)
haha, I just wiped the floor with you lerd.
by zuckerberg December 18, 2010
A combination of 'nerd' and 'loser'.
person1: (spitefully)lerd!
by cat-tron3000a.k.a.Caity February 23, 2008
A combination of the words Lardo and Nerd. Generally used on anyone misses out on excercise due to playing excessive video games.
Thomas is such a lerd that he can't get off of his chair without the aid of three firemen and a stretcher
by noobsausage November 12, 2007
a combination of the word loser and the word nerd, often used on anyone who you may think is weird.
Lucas was being a lerd by attemting to make up words in AP English, that were not funny and were just plain old awful, such as dooftard.
by THE REAL CROW April 18, 2006

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