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a white guy who acts tough to hide his weaknesses
Man, that tool box is sooo lerch...
by Olsen March 27, 2004
Pronunciation: ler'ch
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse leoch; akin to Old English letich.
1 : the act of lurking while in the perched position; usually outside someones window or home looking in, or out depending on the object being lerched upon.
Person 1: AHHHHHHHH!!!!
Person 2: Damnit she caught me lerching again.
by Orca Snorter October 16, 2006
a very tall person. someone so tall it is said they are lerching around.
krissa-heyy. stanley ross is a lerch!

zach-i know rightt?!?

krissa-but we love him besides his lerchyness.
by beckey562 November 29, 2009