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a bifta is a reefa, a spliff, a joint ie a marajuana roll
Pass the bifta
by Bobmarley June 07, 2003
A totally sexy babe. Guys want to be with her, girls want to be her. She knows she's gorgeous, and flaunts it.
Boyfriend: damn that was one fine zella walkin by
Girlfriend: but you like me better, right?
Boyfriend: can't say that I do {chases the zella}
by BobMarley January 12, 2005
The most sexiest man in the whole wide world. I loves him.
Have you heard the Velvet Viking yet? Hes AMAZING
by BobMarley January 18, 2005
Joint reefa etc ganja smokes
fuckin hell pass the J already
by Bobmarley June 07, 2003
best word ever invented. ever!
adam is good example
by bobmarley October 13, 2004
another word for splif
fuck this lets go for a splifta
by Bobmarley June 07, 2003
A very old, decrepid man. He is often shown with women that are way too young for him.... he must pay them a lot. His voice sounds like hell and he ruins a lot of great old songs.
Rod stewart used to be cool when "If ya think i'm sexy" came out. Now he needs to take up knitting and get out of the public eye.
by BobMarley January 14, 2005
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