The coolest guy ever he has sex every single day with countless women (hot women).
Wow Leo is the fucking coolest guy ever!
by Coolio November 10, 2004
The most amazing boyfriend a girl can have. Worthy enough to steal, even if you didn't mean to ;-) He's a real man who wants to be with a real woman. He is a genuinely good person and has an old soul. He loves serenading his girl with his amazing vocal abilities and guitar skills. And if anyone tries to mess with his girl he will do a spinning round house kick to his/her face. He is flippin sexy also and has these big kissable lips that his gf can't get enough of. He is completely down to earth and unselfish and will put his girl's happiness before anything else. Also, he is best paired with a girl whose name begins with an S.
You're super cool, you must be a Leo.
by Norcalbaby925 September 01, 2011
An all day drinking session.

From Leo Sayer = All dayer
Any chance of spotting me a pony ? I'm out on a leo tomorrow !
by Ramsay Tupper May 20, 2005
The 5th astrological sign of the zodiac. The Sun is in this sign from July 22nd to August 23rd. Due to it being an odd number it is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It's element is Fire and it's quality is Fixed. It is the only sign ruled by the sun itself, rather than a planet which explains the self-centered nature of Leos. Leos are generally charismatic, warmhearted, faithful and caring people, but they can also be very egotistical, pompous, bossy and intolerant. They are considered to be compatible with signs of the same element (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo itself). Their main body part is the heart, and the polar opposite of Leo is Aquarius.
Leo: man im so cash
Aquarius: ur a lion dude
Leo: yepp... rawr! nothin can fuck wit meh
Aquarius: *throws cat nip*
Leo: OMGWTF GIMMEDATSHIT *runs for it*
Aquarius: LAWLZ
by bromodragonfly July 31, 2010
One of the 3 fire signs of the zodiac. These people make themselves known because they love the attention, and know how to get it. Although often shy in crowds, when they know what they want, they dont hesitate to get it.
Yes i love the attention... from you... I cant help it.. Im a Leo!
by Sweet Nat February 22, 2006
A sexy, cute, amzing looking gentleman who is bound to steal any girls heart. A hot leo is charming and has an hilarious sence of humor. He is the perfect guy for any woman. Also, this type of guy genrally goes with any Mayas. These two are end up perfect together. Watch out ladies :P
Hey, who was that sexy good looking guy?

Oh yeah him, he is probably a Leo.
by Sexy145 December 20, 2013
acronym for Law Enforcement Officers
"fuckin leos all over, lets get out of here"
by Winn Dixie July 20, 2006

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