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adj. {lee nee} Describes a person (generally a woman) who is beautiful both inside and out who is always trying to do something for other people around her - friends, family, strangers - but never thinks she's doing enough so that you look at her and see a super-human angel, but who sees herself as still not having the edge that everyone thinks she has. Most people fall in love with leni people (lenis) practially immediately, but lenis don't know why, and have trouble believing it when people tell them.

Orig. Pet name used by close friends of Ilene Spark, an author from Nashville. Popularized when her first, semi-autobiographical book was published.
"She teaches her kids everything, is a fantastic cook, runs a business, is writing a new book, and still manages to help old people move in to a new home. But she thinks she's losing it. She's so... leni."
by Seth Greenberg September 14, 2006
a nickname for a friend with the name lee who has a small penis
Hey lenis how's that enzyte working? Hey does your girlfriend see a change?
by ricky July 05, 2004
a delayed woman who cannot type on the computor..usually a luvly person shame about her spasticness!!
ur a nice person bt i neva new u was a leni!
by *** June 06, 2004
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