A small ATV in the video game Halo 3. A.K.A. a mongoose
The plural form: Lemurs A.K.A mongeese
"The flag carrier is on the back of the lemur! Get him!"
by Slayer1025 December 04, 2007
(n.) Not to insult the nocturnal creature (Lemuroidea) from which this term was gleaned, it is used in the hack/tech community as a word-play on "lamer".
Lloyd Blankenship is NOT +++The Mentor+++!!! He's just a thieving lemur.

~ or~

One's average script kiddie is a classic example of a lemur.
by fugitive247 October 29, 2004
A small poo, measuring anywhere from 1 to 2 cm.
Dude, I thought I had to take a huge dump but it was just a fucking lemur!
by Luldood December 08, 2008

A "lost" person.
A person living in his /her own word.
Tom is such a Lemur.
by wize woman July 05, 2007
closer than a bro
Yo bro, you're like a lemur to me.
by Ssor December 13, 2014

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