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noun, meaning a major loser or a screw up. a lemonboy is usually the kid with no friends who sits all alone in his room, studying cars. It can also be used to describe a large mistake.
Emilie: Haha look at that loser playing golf!!
Kyle: oh i know, he's such a lemonboy!

Sara: I just bombed my civics test!
Amanda: same! i made a total lemonboy!!
by suckitfools May 15, 2011
A white a racially hypocritical male who believes to be racially superior , and yet doesn't act the part.
Person 1: He hates black people for living off welfare, yet he's like 40 and he sits on his ass all day playing video games and still lives with him mom!

Person 2: what a f**king lemon boy.
by squiddy squid September 11, 2015
African-American male that has the complexion of a lemon and is bald/nearly bald
"That ole' lemonboy Jamal over there think he can play ball. Look at em... the sun reflectin off his lemon head"
by RealNiggaHoodTalk April 03, 2015

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