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A whore that steals lemons
After she tried stealing my lemons I made her such my dick, damn lemon whores
by Chocolatecoveredwatermelon December 10, 2013
A person who makes you feel bitter because they either hate on someone you like or try to steal someone you like.
The worst type of lemon whore does both.
"Jessica followed him on Instagram! She knows he's mine!"
"Ugh, what a lemon whore."

"She always talks trash about him and now she's wants him?!"
"What the hell? She's a TOTAL lemon whore!"
by TheoJIsMyBae May 23, 2015
Term used to refer to a girl who likes to have sex with older guys.
Tara had sex with another old guy, she is such a lemon whore.
by OpalArrows July 01, 2016
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