A person participating in Fantasy Sports who picks up a terrible player off the waiver wire because the player did something unusually good the day before.
All the lemmings picked up Tie Domi from the wire today because he scored a goal last night. After a few weeks of Tie not doing a thing for them the lemmings will all drop him.

by bumpin' ugly October 06, 2006
Animal for which the non-existant Lemming Virus was named. Symptoms of this virus that isn't recognized by any medical textbook no matter how old or new include:
• Spontaneous seizures in which the afflicted shrieks "MUST...DROWN..MUST..DROWN" and leaps toward the nearest body of water
• Acquirement of a Lemming World season pass
• Building a K'Nex Rippin' Rocket rollercoaster model in such a way that the track cuts off just over the hill, resulting in the car flying off the track and smashing into a wall
• Wishing to shrink him/herself to be able to ride in the K'Nex roller coaster car to enjoy this adventure
by Psylence February 09, 2004
Legally Emancipated Minor
That guy divorced his parents, and now he's a lemming.
by deliqueena December 29, 2008
down, depressed, sad
Luke's feeling lemming.
by Kevely April 25, 2003

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