a member of Boston EMS who blindly drive ambulances to the same hospitals over and over.
Here come the lemmings.
by boston chick April 28, 2010
A person who follows everyone else. The word comes from the little monkey, where if one of the monkeys jumps off a cliff, they all do. Someone who follows the herd.
"I hate how they only do it if everyone else does. They're such lemmings."
"You know how if one lemming jumps off a cliff they all do? Well thats a good comparison of them. I mean, they're such lemmings!"
by Megan!! December 08, 2005
A group of guys and girls who have too much money (from there parents, family etc) and think they are god's greatest gift. The money has come into their families in the last generation or so and they don't know how to spend it. So they follow each other's lead. They are known to flash their money in a "common" and obvious way. They generally wear von dutch if they are guys and juicy clothes if they're girls. They can't live without fake tan. They're mothers have botox and drive porsche 4x4. Basically, they're 'posh chavs'. They are known to be stupid and snobbish, they are liked by no one but others like them.
'OMG, OMG, OMG, did you see Emily, she was like wearing all black to evolution'
'She is such a like freak, has she like never heard of Harvey Nicks or ghds'
'FREAK! FREAK!' *hair flicking*
by Wanderer June 02, 2005
Is one of those little wacky guys in that old B game... u know with the sweet green hair and purple skin, and when u dont put a ledge the fall of cliffs and die and stuff....
Sweet, look at those lemmings die
by Swede May 25, 2004
A suicidal "creature" that likes to jump off a cliff, out of a perfectly good airplane...

One so called "lemming" illegaly enter an abandoned water slide park, ride a garbage bin lid down a dry waterslide with an equally dry brake pool at the bottom, only to finish up with two smashed ankles and huge amount of humiliation from friends and enemies on a popular australian computer enthusiast site.
by deepspring January 20, 2006
a preson who belives anything if you tell them its cool
that fashionista is such a lemming
by lemmings 101 April 22, 2005
The stupidest animal to roam this earth
every four years in alaska, the lemming population becomes so large that the furry little bastards start killing each other and drowning in large bodies of water.
by emilyrunnes July 10, 2008

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