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What you say when you see someone eating, drinking or smoking something that you would like a taste/hit of.
Hey, lemme hit that square.
Hey, lemme hit that blunt a few times.
Hey, lemme hit that beer.
Hey, lemme hit that Dr. Pepper, once then I'm cool.
Hey, lemme hit that cake.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
13 3

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What the next guy in line for a piece of ass at a gang bang says.
"Damn dude, lemme hit that stuff for awhile..."
by Richard Stiffrod January 09, 2004
9 3
I want to stick my male sex organ into your female sex organ. I will then make a humping motion until a milky substance cums outs.
hey baby!! lemme hit that for
by bmacaframa January 07, 2004
8 5