A man/boy who is a bit confused but has a good heart. He has a lot of pressure on him and holds the world on his shoulders. He has a free spirit but is easily overshadowed by emotions. He gets angry easily but is hard to take seriously sometimes. He can fly through the air and he won't let anyone mess with him. He's respectful and has a beautiful voice. Talented in every way. Sometimes goofy, sometimes conceited, but always sexy.
look out for lelo
by babytears February 04, 2010
Top Definition
A Spanish slang term meaning something along the lines of "retard" or "dummy." Similar to English, it can be used in both a serious and joking subject matter.
Move aside kid, you and your lelo friends are in my way.

*Cruz drops papers all over the floor*
Everyone: Haha, what a lelo!
by hooligandisco September 23, 2011
coolestt niigaa everr =]
fat ass!!
skiiny moothafuuckerrr
big hotteers
totally awesooomeee
her best friends nameee iisss marii!!
boyfriiend namee iss renee roocha pugaa =] ajajaja
lelo kiieres ir a mii casa???
by mariichuyiina June 30, 2009
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