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/lek/ - v. 1)a) (often foll. by 'bra', 'this guy', etc.) colloq. use ones sight; turn ones eyes in some direction. b) turn ones eyes on; examine. c) 'look at'
1) lek this guy bra!
2) lek!.. fuck this guy has a small penis!
by Aziz Karkour May 28, 2007
Biological:A territory where males (esp birds) show off their plumage and strut their stuff in the mating season; Human:a territory (especially an outdoor one) where groups of young people hang out for this purpose, eg local shopping mall, Brighton seafront etc.
Also verb to lek, ie to attend such see-and-be-seen gathering
How was the lek?
You lekkin' tonight?
by Pedanta May 19, 2006
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