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N. Extent to which wine adheres to the inside of a glass when swirled.
That '90 Grivot Les Boudets 1er cru has way better legs than the '92 Vieux Telegraph CdP.
by Witness10mm July 28, 2005
a limb of the body used to walk.
god, my legs are killing me!
by peskyfish July 20, 2004
1) Lazy Eye George, a term and acronym confirming one girl with the last name George that promotes her promiscuous attitude and likes to give a large quantity of fellatio. Usually the fellatio remnants semen that gets stuck in her ocular cavity near the retina, causing it to be lazy.
Ashley George is a L.E.G.
by Fargus Stompski 3678562 August 07, 2008
Synonym for marijuana. Used and created by a montrealer that got too high, now it has spreaded and is commonly used as a noun, verb and adjective. Originaly "bad leg" the word was shortened over time.
-Hey man look at what I just got
-Dude, that seems like some prety bad leg
-Yeah, it's the same we legged with last time
-Wow, I remember, we were so legged
by Sitreon April 15, 2013
L.E.G.S. - Abbreviation for "Lame Excuse to Get Sex" or in other words, "Lame Excuse to Get Laid". A lame reason used by a girl or guy to ask the opposite sex partner to come over in order to get some.
Kyle: Dude, what are you doing tonight?
Chad: Amy asked me to come over her place to watch TV.
Kyle: LEGS!!!
Chad: Yah, I know.
by trd528 September 18, 2011
Lame Excuse to Get Some...pretty clear
Like for example pretending that it's too hot in here to wear clothes...classic LEGS!!
by DavyBrice October 07, 2011
Lame Excuse to Get Some.
An excuse made to initiate a booty call so the person does not feel like a slut.
Person1: Shes coming round to return my jacket.
Person2: Mate thats a total LEGS
Person1: Legs?
Person2: L.E.G.S Lame excuse to get some.
by KnowWhatImSayin September 03, 2011