This is used during a test. You write out some study notes and you bring them to the test. Just before the test is handed out, you sit on it!! but you must leave room to see the notes. It works like this: when the teacher is attending to another person or looking away, you open your legs and find then answer. When the teacher walks past, you simply close your legs and unless she has x-ray vision (which some teachers do) then you have gotten away with cheating!! pretty champion hey
You bring legs today??
by Chris Dogg May 15, 2006
They're under your ass.

I hope that legs becomes word of the day, because if it does, I can say:

"The word of the day is 'legs', let's go home and spread the word!"

But I can always get my girlfriend to spread her word, and by word, I mean legs.
Spread your legs bitch, I'm comin' in!!!!!
by TakaTakaTacos11 October 10, 2007
n: the word.
"Legs is the word, so spread the word.
by Muffington P. Weathersby November 12, 2008

Term that origininated in the United States Army used to describe any soldier who is not a paratrooper. Originally used as "straight leg," it referred to both the lack of bloused boots (i.e. with pants tucked-in) with a soldier's dress uniform and to the cargo-style fatigue pants worn by paratroopers. In World War II, a dead German officer's diary referred to U.S. paratroopers as "those devils in baggy pants," which only served to strengthen the association of "straight leg" pants with non-paratroopers.
You dirty, nasty Leg.
by motorcop505 July 03, 2009
Non Airborne personnel who many times justify their unwillingness to put their "knees in the breeze" by saying things like, "When was the last time you jumped into combat?" and "Airborne isn't necessary anymore"
However, Paratroops shouldn't be discouraged. These Legs were never held to the highest standard and thrived. Legs, in general, would never face their fears voluntarily because deep down, they are cowards that will only do the bare minimun in life.

Not all Legs are flawed. Many are nearly as good as an Airborne soldier(minus the wings.) These Legs work hard and don't hide their inadeqaecies by pointing their fingers at others. Paratroopers only call these men and women Legs with playful intent.
Troop: "This is bull shit! Why doesn't the Sergeant Airborne ever do vehicle maintenance with us?"

Paratroop: "Fucking Leg."
by notaleg November 30, 2012
N. Extent to which wine adheres to the inside of a glass when swirled.
That '90 Grivot Les Boudets 1er cru has way better legs than the '92 Vieux Telegraph CdP.
by Witness10mm July 28, 2005
1) Lazy Eye George, a term and acronym confirming one girl with the last name George that promotes her promiscuous attitude and likes to give a large quantity of fellatio. Usually the fellatio remnants semen that gets stuck in her ocular cavity near the retina, causing it to be lazy.
Ashley George is a L.E.G.
by Fargus Stompski 3678562 August 07, 2008

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