A term for the penis.
You have three legs dude.
by Anon222666999YO July 10, 2011
1.Originally referred to the duration of an amphetamine high. If it lasted a long time it had long legs. If it lasted a short while it had short legs. If it didn't get you high it didn't have any legs at all. 2. By extension in the mainstream it means how long anything lasts.
1. "The speed didn't have any rush but it had good legs."

2. "His career with the Dodgers had good legs. It lasted 17 years."
by Theresa Haffner December 13, 2003
This is used during a test. You write out some study notes and you bring them to the test. Just before the test is handed out, you sit on it!! but you must leave room to see the notes. It works like this: when the teacher is attending to another person or looking away, you open your legs and find then answer. When the teacher walks past, you simply close your legs and unless she has x-ray vision (which some teachers do) then you have gotten away with cheating!! pretty champion hey
You bring legs today??
by Chris Dogg May 15, 2006
To take a shit and/or something with poop-like qualities.
I took a fat legs after that MCDonalds breakfast and coffee. The waves look like legs.
by Legs Pacino November 11, 2012
used as a noun. if you are going to get laid you are going get some leg.
i grew this mustache so i could get some more leg
by reggiehugs May 03, 2005
- Noun - An abbreviation for 'legend'. A person or thing who displays respectful and admirable qualities.
- Verb - To have/express/use qualities of a 'leg'

a.k.a leggy
That guy just tied my shoelaces for me. What a leg!

A: What are you doing today?
B: Ah, just leggin' it.
by Bandi May 04, 2008
Legs are often seen at the front doors of Westmount, late at night.
Elizabeth and I were venturing out into the darkness when we seen....LEGS!!
by Richard. January 16, 2005

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