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The sexiest woman in Richmond, VA; incredibly intelligent; loves puppies who hump; has a beautiful personality that attracts both men and women; magnetic smile-you can't stay away from this woman; loves to have fun and is your go-to person for a great night out; hard-working and fun-loving; slow to let others in her circle of trust but once you are in, she's your friend for life
"That's my Tisha."

Who's that amazing lady? "That's Tisha!"

Want a drink? "No! I want a Tisha!"
by coco399 February 02, 2010
A Tisha is an awesome person. She has a great personality and can get along with many. Shes funny, sweet, and really cute too. Thoughtful(in many ways) and caring. A great person to be friends with. ADORABLE LOL. Lovable.
Man, I wish I had a Tisha!
by REMARTIN September 18, 2010
Sexy and creative. Especially creative during sex
"That chick was so wild last night....she came up with some real tisha things....rocked my world"
by RayJoe February 03, 2010
Woah, first of all tisha is the most sexylishious person alive with a pretty fine ass. When your with her you never want to leave.Her hair is so wild and her eye's are so beautiful. She's such a stunning brunette and she's just HOT!.......damn gurl.
by suckmeoffbaby December 26, 2011
A girl that is in a strip club working for only $2.99
tisha gavee a night I had to give her some doh
by kindletv January 23, 2016
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