A word that has become way overused by this generation.
Boy 1: Dude, are you going to Randy's party?

Boy 2: Yeah, it's going to be legit.

Boy 1: Please shut up.
by anonymous7789 October 17, 2011
Seriously. As opposed to not seriously. So your listener knows that you're not lying.

Use multiple times in one sentence to establish your credibility. To doubt someone who is legit is heresy.
Dealer: You should buy insurance, I legit have blackjack.

Cassy: I legit, just legitimately shut off my legit laptop. Legit.
by abstract.wolf November 01, 2009
A word recently used more often than ever. More than occasionally used in the wrong format or context. Incorrect forms of this word are often used, such as "legitly" when the word should, infact, be legitimately. In general the people who say this word say it way too much and think it sounds really cool but they're wrong.
Dude. Were you at that party last night?
Nah, man couldn't make it.
Too bad, it was legit.
by Urdum123 May 12, 2010
A word hipsters are trying to use to replace "cool" and "awesome." As if hipsters needed help, they sound less intelligent every time they use the word incorrectly in this way.
This new Call of Duty is so freaking legit!
by Stevenen March 29, 2011
A phrase used when an alarming and unexpected need to run is discovered.
Opened the box and there was a ticking bomb in there! I shouted leg it and ran like a mothertrucker.
by yousee November 21, 2010
1. A word used to describe something which is legal, or law abiding.
2. A word used to describe a thing/event using emphasis.
1. Nigel: That shit's legit!

2. Nigel: Hey man, we just owned in pictionary.
Robert: Yeah man, that was so legit!
by shits_legit December 24, 2009
Something douchebags say when they mean "seriously".
Poser 1: Yo bro, is the test in biology today legit?
Poser 2: Nah, brah, it ain't legit, total bullshit brah.

Poser 1: Oh that party Friday was legit bro!
Poser 2: I know right? Total legit awesomness!
by George Washingmachine November 05, 2011
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