A person that is simply amazing in a plethora of ways. They are much better quality of a person than an Epic person for sure.
Pamanda is Legendary
by Someone that is Epic November 29, 2009
When someone's skill and abilities go above and beyond those of his/her peers.
Brett Rosen is Legendary
by Theman1050 November 30, 2011
living up to the standards set by Russel Westbrook and Vybz Kartel
Jus tryna be legendary...make my name a household name
by Kristin Jameson October 27, 2011
Barney Stinson
If you look up legendary in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Barney Stinson's face.
by bhwebworld January 10, 2015
The Marist 2011 SRC
The 2011 SRC is legendary and therefore flogged the inferior 2012 SRC try hards.
by god 1001 October 13, 2011
The short form of Legen-wait-for-it-dary.
Guy1 : Wow, that was awesome!
Barney : That was legen... wait for it... dary!!!
Guy2 : Legendary indeed!
by RMJ` June 26, 2012
A word used to describe the intensity/awesomeness of something.
Dude 1: How did you last night go?
Dude 2: Fucking great man, had sex with the girl, my orgasm was LEGENDARY!!
Dude 1: Moist.
by mcdiesel July 16, 2009

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