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More left. Usually shouted in tense moments when directing covering fire, giving driving instructions etc.
Don't put the clamp on that you fool! That's the ureter! Clamp to the left of that.


No!! Lefter!!! Lefter!! Oh God! Nurse, get me five units of blood and my lawyer's phone number.
by gnostic1 August 29, 2011
not all the way to the left, but more to the left than the current position
Person 1: You're in the right lane, but it ends here and the left lane is left-turn only.
Person 2: What do I do?
Person 1: Move into the lefter lane.
by EnnaGirl September 17, 2010
It just means Left but its funner to say it this way.
And then you take a lefter here.

The icon would be lefter of the screen
by Max August 07, 2004
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