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A little known level of hell that some writers go through. Takes place in the month of November when they attempt to write 50,000 words. To survive, they use caffeine and disable the backspace key on the keyboard. Family and friends should not try to find them, as they will be met with an irritable zombie-like creature that doesn't use contractions.
When her mother tried to pull her away from the computer for Thanksgiving dinner, Liz cried, "No! Do not take me away from my coffee! I need it for NaNoWriMo!"
by EnnaGirl October 29, 2010
not all the way to the left, but more to the left than the current position
Person 1: You're in the right lane, but it ends here and the left lane is left-turn only.
Person 2: What do I do?
Person 1: Move into the lefter lane.
by EnnaGirl September 17, 2010
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