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Apparently the "Crip" side, well according to Snoop Dogg.
Yeah The left side is uhh the Crip side.
by AC November 10, 2004
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LEFTSIDE (Le-ft Si-de)
-Noun; Leftside, a dance with a urban setting that takes place in Bellingham Washington, usually they're held in broken down shacks, or dumps.
are you going to LEFTSIDE?
Hell ya!
by fierceness123 February 28, 2009
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on the left side of the US
cali and the rest of the west coast, where the crips r i guess
left side is the best side
by soonj April 06, 2008
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The side of the Allen snare line that is better in every way than the ridiculous and unoriginal 'Right Side'. As of October 4th, it is legally a separate entity.
"Hey check out that Left Side, they make the Right Side look bad."
"Why does the Right Side always copy everything the Left Side does?"
by Brad Poe October 03, 2007
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according to snoop the kript side or the west side
snoop dogg only wears a blue flag on the kript side
by ab* May 01, 2005
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all you homies better sign up to the leftside and gives us sum repect. Leftside is gona own u homies. we got sum made rappers like 50 cent, snoop and p diddy punk slap! respect
dont be dissin the leftside G
by The Daz Man October 21, 2003
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