To speak/type in a language composed where the letters are replaced with symbols or numbers, often accompanied by random and/or dliberate misspellings.
English: Peter waters the lawn.
Leetspeak: P4t4r \/\/3+3r5 t3h l3\/\/n!!
by amrik August 07, 2003
An internet language in which the user replaces letters with numbers and symbols.
Leetspeak translation
A: 4
E: 3
H: |-|
I: |
L: 1
M: |\/|
N: |\|
O: 0
S: 5
T: 7 or +
V: \/
W: \/\/
by Red Skelly July 10, 2008
Dumbest fucking thing in the world. Not to mention it's extremely difficult to read unless you're an annoying 13 year old boy or 16 year old girl, and it often takes longer to type out words in leet than it does to regularly type them out.
13 y/o boy: "OMG ur t3h U83R H4XX0RZ!!!1!!! LEET SPEAK IS T3H 4W50M3N355!!!!11!!1!!!1"
Common Sense:"Shut the fuck up, you fucking idiot."
by My name August 12, 2006
Words used by people on aol and message boards which used to be nerdy now people use it to try and be funny when 83.7 times out of 100 they arent.
Nerd: sn4p w3 ju5t pwnz0red som n00bs in c5
We just owned those beginners in Counter Strike

Non Nerd Trying to Be funny: w4nt 2 go 2 teh m411 t0d4y?
Want to go to the Mall today
Non Nerds friend: lol theres too many nubbys there lol
(hahaha your leet speak is funny but i dont want to go because its packed today hahaha)

Wow I want to punch that kid at school he used leetspeak too much its getting annoying.
by T-Rock1990 July 16, 2006
1337 5p34|< is a novelty form of the english language used primarily by the "ellite" group of haxorz in the early days of IRC... first start was to avoid triggering server bots and later used to promote warez... more recently used by script kiddies and those alike on game cons
1 0vv|\| 411 u 114^^45
by Eia August 31, 2004
leet speak or 1337 5p34|< was originally used by hackers as a way to send messages, now is used by hardcore gamers to insult. leet or 1337 is derived from the word elite meaning simply the best.
|)1|) _|00 533 /\/\3 |>\/\//\/><0|2
|)47 /\/008?
translation: did you see me own that noob?
by that guy June 29, 2004
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