Lingo that lame obsessed gamers use in stead of normal english- not to be confused with abbreviations for various locations and characters within the game of choice.
Man! I just PAWND sum dum n0085 7w1nkd @55 while he was on CR to CB!!! BS for 244~~!!!
(cr= corpse run, cb=crushbone, both from everquest, not leet speek)
by dano October 17, 2003
Replacing letters with numbers to create nerd slang; mostly used by internet savvy (elite) people.

a = 4
i = 1
e = 3
k = |<
s = 5
r = |2
o = 0

0n1y n3|2d5 1337 $p34|< u f|_|c|<1ng f4gg07
by Ramsey April 18, 2004
something for sad fucks who want to swear in chatrooms or just annoy you.
( ) /\/\ 6 ( ) /\/\ 6
ppwnned pwwneddedppwnwnnn
what the fuck am i saying?
im a sad fuck!
by rathsangatas drink November 30, 2004
Using a symbol/letter/number to replace some letters in a sentence so that instead of:

"Everyone eats rice"

it becomes:
"3\/3ry0|\|3 347s r1c3"

Almost unreadable.
by Dolly November 28, 2003
one of the worst languages ever invented, along with ebonics, semi english, low english, and Southern Speak.

invented by Hackers of the eighties and early nineties, usually spoken in Chat rooms, online PC games, and yes, even the prep tool of the Texting Model Cell Phones use leet speak.
very arrogant punks indeed, they think they are God or something of a higher power.
Example of Leet Speak: h4axxorz!!!111, Roxxerz, OMG, GTFO, PSO, and more

Example of Ebonics: yo, fo shizzle, dizzle, hizzie, fo sho, and more

Example of Semi English: 'We get phone to you.' or 'you too tired, take day off!'

Example of Low English: 'Me no likey this food' or 'you so crazy!'

Example of Southern Speak: 'Y'all wants some burgers?' or 'Nukuler bombs are the worse things ever invented.'
by Santino ash June 20, 2007
The first and simplest known origins of this out of control language were seen on calculators.
The number 71077345 when viewed upside down on a calculator reads 'ShellOil'. The language progressed from there.
From ShellOil to leet.
by Diego December 08, 2003
Eubonics for prepubescent middle class white males.

\/\/h4+5 4r3 J0) D01|\|g!
by HeathenBastich December 27, 2004

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