Origin: Spongeanine
Made by Dalton W, after hearing Patrick's quote" A leedle, leedle, lee!!!"
1(Verb).To act in a cool, yet retarded manner.
2(Noun)(Onomatopia). A word yelled to relief stress.
1. I like to leedle during Biology.
2. Leedle! He hit a 14 and KOed me!
by Jordanw November 16, 2006
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A word meaning anything. It can express excitement, happiness, disappointment, confusion, you name it.

Other forms of leedles: leedalia, leedler, lee, etc.

This word is used by only the coolest kids around.
That party was hella fun! LEEDLES!

Guy 1: He got us all in trouble
Guy 2: Wow, what a leedler!

Song form: Teach me how to lee, teach me how to lee.
by bailey<3sam October 18, 2009
It is the action when you poke and sustain the poke of a person's area right below the rib cage.
"Man, I just got leedled."
by Pobear June 16, 2010
The act of doing a silent laugh, chuckle or snicker. It is usually performed by widening the nasal cavity, and exhaling a large amount of air through that cavity.

It is used as a substitution for "lol", since the majority of internet users do not actually laugh out loud, but rather leedle.
Guy 1: "Oh em gee, dude. My fart sounded like Chuck Norris cracking his knuckles."

Guy 2: "Leedle."
by `impulse July 24, 2011
(adj.) meaning cool, amazing, great, etc.

Comes from Patrick in Spongebob saying "leedle leedle leedle"

Can also be used instead of the word "little" if used in a mexican accent.
"Man, that party last night was so leedle."

"Me cheewahwah ees so leedle."

"My leedle cheewahwah ees very leedle"
by Mthrluvr69 February 15, 2012
A very stupid word that means nothing at all.
Did you just see that guy saying leedle?
by Heatfan6hh April 26, 2015
Most closely describes those lacking in vertical stature.
BAH! She's so leedle. I wanna put her in my pocket and take her to my love cave on tatooine......CUTE
by PaPiChulito April 22, 2011
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