To copy all the porn of a fellow lanner at a gaming event :)
A11 j00r p0rn b3l0ngs 2 m3
by lee--ch--ing September 23, 2003
to make love to the cock
youre leeching
by i pissed on a ddr machine May 17, 2003
When you put a large gauge needle in your forearm vein and pull the syringe out , leaving your vein open and a large stream of blood pouring down your arm.

You then proceed to masturbate with the blood as lubrication. You may only remove the needle after you cum.
can be done with both arms if you have a partner.
"sorry sir my son cant make class today, he was double leeching last night and lost a fair amount of blood"
by Mr Sister Fister February 05, 2015

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