God if he were a rock band; pretty much the greatest fucking thing to ever happen to music.
Dumbass: "hey, i think phil collins is comperable to Led Zeppelin."

Any sensible human: "We are no longer speaking."
by JesusZeppelinChrist February 07, 2008
four gods that came together to create magic and beauty with music
And God said, "Let there be rock," and there was Led Zeppelin.
by LedZepFan February 06, 2008
Greatest Band ever.
Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to Heaven, this song has been voted in many rock magazines as being the greatest song ever with the most influential and powerfull guitar solo ever. This song is so good that a rumor started about Zeppelin having sold their souls for it due to the fact that many people believed mortal men could write such a masterpiece.
by Rush2112 January 28, 2008
Take the world's greatest drummer, pair him with one of the world's greatest guitarists, add an amazing singer that can give you chills every time he opens his mouth, throw in an amazing Bassist, and add some of the most inspiring and creative lyrics ever.

There you go, recipe for led zeppelin.
person 1: What is your favorite band?
person 2: Led Zeppelin
person 1: What's a led zeppelin?! They must suck, I've never heard of them. MY favorite singer is britney spears! She's the best EVER!
by licorized January 08, 2008
A blues-oriented band from England that launched its remarkable 13 year musical journey in 1968. Jimmy Page is the primo riff wizzard, Robert Plant's song writing evoked a mystical-Celtic kinda dynamic, John Paul Jones provided incredible bass runs, and the drummer--Bonzo--was the hard, driving force. When you consider their 13 year career it's truely amazing that they kept growing together as musicians and leaving us some pretty awesome tunes to enjoy. Zep is credited for starting-up the whole heavy metal thing, but they also played with finese--acustic numbers. Their biggest hit, Stairway to Heaven, starts slow and cute and builds-up into a raunchy climax.
When the Led Zeppelin took off they took no quarter, dude.
by Carlos Mack December 10, 2007
A band that was around from 1968-1980 that was to be one of the most influental bands of all time. Comprised of a vocalist that had a variety of pitches (from masculine in In The Evening to high pitched in The Crunge), one of the greatest guitar players of all time, one of the most underrated and talented bassists (he played several other instruments as well), and one of the best drummers of all time (who as a matter of fact was fired from playing in a club and was told he'll never get anywhere, HAH) and combined different sounds into their music. Popular songs include Stairway to Heaven and D'yer Maker. Unique for never releasing any singles.
Led Zeppelin is one of the considered greatest bands of all time without question.
by HannahLynn October 28, 2007
the greatest rock band the world will ever know
the band included Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Johm Bonham and Jimmy Page.
they dont make bands like this anymore
the variety in Led Zeppelin's music is incredible
you cant put a genre to it
Its that opening sentance on Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
'Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream'
that is rock heaven
by hippy123 October 13, 2007
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