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A football club named after a Greek mytholigical hero, based in Amsterdam Holland
Ajax "was" the best team in the world untill it sold all it's better players to barcalona :(
by eejit June 25, 2004
The most mean and evil teamsport on the globe. Played with special sticks, the referee is nearly only on the pitch to count goals scored etc, fouls are rare (eventhough the players often beat the sthit out each other)

Mainly played in Eire and New York
Hurling is not for sissy's

Johns kneecaps are pretty much gone after 5 years of hurling
by eejit June 27, 2004
Something you will never know/understand
some things you'll just never understand

leave this page and go on with your simple life
by eejit July 28, 2004
The band that changed the world of rock and roll forever
Mess with led zeppelin and i'll rip your balls of with my "bair hands"
by eejit July 29, 2004

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