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An artist that writes great songs that are covered by artists like the Eagles and Rod Stewart, yet still remains in the background of mainstream music.

see Tommy the Cat
My favorite Tom Waits album is Bone Machine.
by JohnnyT October 10, 2004
The most badass artist in the world, none other than Tom Waits. Started off as a late night piano crooner, went into jazzy beatnik style for awhile, then turned into a whacked out experimentalist in the 80s. Known as Tommy the Cat because of his hobo-like style and his guest vocal appearance on the Primus song "Tommy the Cat".
Tommy the Cat has got a helluva scratchy voice.
by JohnnyT October 07, 2004
Pros: - They truly know how to rock
- Jimmy Page is quite a guitarist, especially at that time.
- They evolved (although only slightly) over the years and become more experimental.

Cons: - Many of their famous riffs and songs are (admittedly) lifted straight from blues songs without ever giving them credit.
- Much of their music/antics are unintentionally overblown
- They paved the way for 80's hair metal, changing the way guitarists think forever.
- Their fans tend to dismiss new music of any kind, throwing around words like "talent" and saying things like "its a shame kids these days don't listen to good music", although that's not really LZ's fault...

Despite having these cons, this band has been rediculously influential over the years and pretty much shaped hard rock as we know it.
Led Zeppelin is a great cover ba-I mean, hard rock band.
by JohnnyT October 18, 2004

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