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A Led Zeppelin fan who is so young that it's hard for anyone to believe they even know who Led Zeppelin is. I thought up this word when I was typing a Led Zeppelin website in the 'search' bar and made a typo.
Little Suzie is such a Led Zeppeling.
by Amanda January 11, 2005
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Any die-hard fan of the almighty band, Led Zeppelin.
1. Man, Jonathan is such a Led Zeppeling.

2. If only I knew as much about Zeppelin as all those Led Zeppelings out there.
by thelingohermit June 02, 2007
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Led Zeppeling is the indulging in endless discussions over the most inane rumors about legendary rock bands. It is primarily done on internet message boards.
Ralph can't stop led zeppeling ever since he heard the rumor about Bonnaroo. "I would not be surprised if they did play Bonnaroo. And i wont be dissapointed if they dont . Bonnaroo 08 will be a blast with or without Led Zep. I guess we will all know in less then 30 days ...."
by easy morning rebel January 03, 2008
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