A band that some people like to diss. So I'm a fanboy? Even though I know all of there discography and album lengths? And can you stop with all this "Led-Zeppelin stole other peoples songs" crap? It's getting old. And think up more things than "over-rated", you lousy trolls.
Trolls:"Oh my god, Led-Zeppelin is so over-rated!"

Me:"How so?"

Trolls:"People only know songs like stairway and Kashmir."

Me:"*Sigh*, No, they don't. you're just denying the simple fact that a lot of people know a lot more than those songs"

Trolls:"No, I'm not."

Me:"*chooses to be the bigger man and walks away*"
by Stevie23123 October 24, 2008
A rock band that completetly conquers all that came after.
1. Lame guy: Dude slipknot is so good zomg!!!
Awesome guy: I will crush you

2. Punk rock tried to destroy led zeppelin, but zeppelin was far too strooongg!
by sproat_master October 20, 2008
A band that rocked the world that had its name suggested by John Entwistle and Keith Moon of The Who. They owned all the bands from the year 1969-1980 in which the band broke up because there drummer John Bonham died in his sleep from drowning in his own vomit. Their last album was released in 1982. They formed in 1968 and the band was originally named The New Yardbirds. The Band consisted of Robert PLant on vocals, Jimmy Page on Guitar, Mandolin, And Banjo, John Baldwin a.k.a. John Paul Jones on bass and keyboard, and John Bonham on drums. They Broke numerous records Previously held by the beatles and sold out giant stadiums. They're fucking amazing and no other band will ever live up to them
That band is a true Led Zeppelin
by Cody de Abingdon August 07, 2008
1. Pure magic in musical-group form.

2. A band whose fans are aware of the fact that they nicked a few songs, but still like them because ..well, they're awesome, and they paid for the nicks anyway.

3. A band whose fans pray each night for a reunion.

4. A band whose rumours about them just make them all the more interesting.
1. "I love Led Zeppelin," said Billy.

2. Led Zeppelin nicked "Gallows Pole" from Leadbelly without credit, but the song still rocks like no other, and was paid for nonetheless.

4. No, "Stairway to Heaven" does NOT have satanic messages, but it does make Led Zeppelin a tad bit more interesting, don't you think?
by Isabella July 01, 2005
Any one who doesnt like this band is currently being slaped by my hairy sweaty ball-sac.
led zeppelin is one of the greatest bands of all time
by ggaa June 07, 2005
cool band conan o'brien likes. Radio DJ's enjoy saying 'lets get the ledddddd out," but conan would just prefer it if you say 'we are going to play some led zeppelin now.' Conan talked about this on his show once when pobert plant was on.
-lets get the ledddd out.

-no, lets not. lets just listen to some led zeppelin.
by michele sim June 01, 2005
Led zeppelin is an english band from the late 60's to 1980. they are the greatest band ever, because they could play any style of music, and use any instuments in their music, and make it sound completely awesome. Weather it's the haunting "battle of evermore", the rocking "Black Dog", the musical orgasm also known as "stairway to heaven", the epic "achillies last stand", the driving and upbeat "trampled under foot" the middle eastern "Kashmir, the sad, somber "all of my love", or the electrical "the ocean", or their blues cover of "when the levee breaks. Led zeppelin showed that they could play any sort of music. With Jimmy page playing the guitar like no one else could, John bonham's drumming that gave him the nickname "god of thunder", robert Plant's amazing voice that could go from screaming like a banshee to haunting ghost like in no time, and John paul Jones with his deadly keyboard and bass (also the recorder on stairway to heaven). No band can ever lick the balls of led zeppelin, let alone be compared to them. often hated by preps, jocks becuase MTV doesn't think they're cool.
me: so you like led zeppelin?

Preppy chick: who are they? does MTV show them?

me: no

Preppy chick: then they must like totally suck.

me: MTV sucks

Jock guy: MTV rules, dumb-ass

me: you guys are retarded *smacks them with a fish*
by Led zeppelin fan April 09, 2005
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