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Led Zeppelin is the best band that ever was created!!!! who was they main band who saved my life. they are very orgasimic ...... :) They are to amazing to describe every time i listen to them im in a lose for words ...they are they greatest band ever and nobody will ever compare to them...Silvertide is amazing as well but they are NO LED ZEPPELIN...
Wanna be wennie: so whhos the greatest rock band?
Me: Led Zeppelin of Course
Wanna be wennie: okay exactly who r they?
Me:WHAT WHAT....beating the wennie up with a stick
by Super S February 06, 2005
gods gift to humanity. led zeppelin is a group of demigods.
"And so forth shall come zeppelin" matthew 2:19

dave:yo wanna come to my place and listen to led zeppelin?

bob:whos zeppelin?

dave: get the fuck away.
by the craig machine July 01, 2010
The greatest band that will ever live.
The best part is that they're going on tour again!
Guy 1:"Dude, Led Zeppelin is the pimpshit. I wish they would reunite."
Guy 2:"Are you fucking stupid?! They already did!"
Guy 1:"w00t!"
by BennyBear November 16, 2008
A rock band that completetly conquers all that came after.
1. Lame guy: Dude slipknot is so good zomg!!!
Awesome guy: I will crush you

2. Punk rock tried to destroy led zeppelin, but zeppelin was far too strooongg!
by sproat_master October 20, 2008
A band that exceeds and defines perfection.

Never will any band emerge that can compare to the musical revelation this band has created.

All notable music that is worth listening to has roots that lead to this band.

They didnt fade away, even after the band halted, they still live on in all other music.
Calling Led Zeppelin overrated is saying that everyone loves them except you, thus indicating there success.

There is a reason that the people who call Led Zeppelin overrated have more thumbs down then Bush Supporters.
by Windal June 22, 2006
One of the best fucking bands I've ever heard!
Dude, if you haven't listened to them, go burn in hell. They fucking rock.
Despite my name, Led Zeppelin is clearly one of my favorite bands.
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 August 23, 2004
A satanic rock group. Their Stairway to Heaven song, when played backwards, reveals such satnic messages, you will get pwned when reading it....

Am not making this up. Go to jeffmilner.com/backmasking.htm
John: Oh yeah Stairway to Heaven!
Satanic Dude: Yeah, the backwards lyrics to led zeppelin's fucking greatest satanic song are this: Oh heres to my sweet satan,

the one whos little path would make me sad whos power is satan,

he'll bring those with him 666,

there was a little tool shed where he made us suffer sad satan.

John: Oh shit
by TheTruthWillBeRevealed September 08, 2010