the meter stick by which all bands
must measure up to !!!! long live Bonzo !!!!!! Col. jimmy page...***
Led Zepp. is the worlds greatest band
by Col. Jimmy Page MOHAA !!! December 06, 2003
The only real rock and roll band ever created. All else fails in comparasion. I am 17, and I definetly do not listen to Eminem.
Stairway to Heaven, When the Levee Breaks, Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir, Heartbreaker, The Rain Song, Going to California
by J.Rod December 05, 2003
legends of music, they ocassionally took riffs from other bands, but only with per mission, to be truthful i listen to hardcore metal and thrash, and i still love lez zep, so simply put ZEPPELIN RULE!!!!!!!!
dude 1: hey dude do you like ZEPPELIN !
idiot1: yeah zeeepleine are just so cool
dude 1&2: *smack*
no longer an idiot dude 3: ZEPPELIN RULE!!!!
by kungfu-jesus June 16, 2004
The band which all modern bands are compared against.
The only modern band that can compare is tool.
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
Pros: - They truly know how to rock
- Jimmy Page is quite a guitarist, especially at that time.
- They evolved (although only slightly) over the years and become more experimental.

Cons: - Many of their famous riffs and songs are (admittedly) lifted straight from blues songs without ever giving them credit.
- Much of their music/antics are unintentionally overblown
- They paved the way for 80's hair metal, changing the way guitarists think forever.
- Their fans tend to dismiss new music of any kind, throwing around words like "talent" and saying things like "its a shame kids these days don't listen to good music", although that's not really LZ's fault...

Despite having these cons, this band has been rediculously influential over the years and pretty much shaped hard rock as we know it.
Led Zeppelin is a great cover ba-I mean, hard rock band.
by JohnnyT October 18, 2004
Undoubtably the most influential rock band of all time, if not the most influential of all genres. It's just sad that people give them so much credit... because they weren't terribly original. Led Zeppelin I doens't have a single song which isn't influenced by another band/person. Page copped lyrics and riffs from many poor blues artists without giving them proper credit. In fact, they've been sued several times for it.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:
Rock 'n Roll, Black Mountainside, When the Levee Breaks, Custard Pie, Hats Off to Harper, How Many More Times, Bring It On Home, Whole Lotta Love, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Moby Dick, Lemon Song, Boogie with Stu, Stairway to Heaven (yes, they lifted the beginning chords and the progression pattern), White Summer, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Communication Breakdown.

They did have some original tunes which were good, but they need to give credit where credit is due, like to Willie Dixon or other poor blues artists of the 50s.
search google for "led zeppelin influences"
by reid December 23, 2004
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