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A Band from the the 60's that has influenced many bands, past and present(Van Halen's tapping technique was inspired by the "Heartbreaker" solo). I don't think they were overated, I can't really see how they could be. I think bands like Greenday and Nickleback are overated. Jimmy Page was an amazing guitarist who created many different sounds by using very creative methods( e.g The violin bow on "Whole Lotta Love" and "Dazed and Confused"). Also, John Bonham inovated drumming techniques with his unique style and super fast beats.(listen to Good Times, Bad Times or Moby Dick). Im not really sure that Led Zep alone were the "Creators" of Heavy Metal, and I think someone pointed out that Black Sabbath was doing their thing before Zep, but Led Zeppelin was one of them. Also, Led Zeppelin would have to be one of the most versitile band's in the world because they can do various types of songs(e.g. "Thank you", "Since I've Been Loving you", "Rock and Roll" and "Dazed and Confused" are all diferent styles). Sure, fads come and go but in my opinion, Led Zeppelin wasn't just another fad, because if they were, kids like me( i'm 14) wouldn't be listening to them. They may not be the "Greatest" rock band ever, but they're somewhere up there.
The lyrics in Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" is very mystical, Does it make you wonder?
by Josh Davidson February 11, 2006
A band that is so good that the world shall never see its likes again.
Zeppelin... Led Zeppelin.
by Fuckhead August 04, 2004
The greatest rock band that ever existed who's first album was released in 1969. With Rober Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, John Bonham on drugs, I mean drums, and John Paul Jones on the bass. Jimmy Page and John Bonham are the best guitarist and best drummer ever, respecitively. Led Zeppelin broke up in 1979 with the death of John Bonham. Every word and every note of every Led Zeppelin song is pure genius. Their songs rock harder everytime I listen to them.
Led Zeppelin wrote "The Song Remains the Same"
by Cory June 24, 2004
complete and utter gods of rock.
Best songs (in my opinion) are Black Dog and The Battle Of Evermore.
by TallicaD00d August 22, 2004
The greatest Fucking band ever imaginable!!
Led Zeppelin pwns you all!!
by Doh Nuts 13 September 09, 2004
A rock band from the 1970s. Fanboys think that listening to Led Zeppelin makes them special by setting them apart from their peers, who mostly listen to mainstream rap and pop. However, in their day, Zeppelin were rather mainstream.
It is not a big deal that you listen to Led Zeppelin. Everyone knows who they are.
by thetx November 29, 2006
A merely average rock band that are completely overrated. Liked by many people who lack individuality to such a great extent they must follow the trend laid down for them by other fellow loosers over the past 30 years. If people were not so scared to be different and listen to something else Zeppelin would have died years ago - shame really.
Paul - Zeppelin are like the best band ever!

Mark - I so totally agree, they are the greatest to grace the planet.

Simon - Or...you are just saying that because Paul said it and you are too unidividualistic to try something else and too scared people might mock you if you do. I bet you have never even listened to Led Zeppelin.

Mark - So...I have a Zeppelin T-Shirt, I am a fan.

Simon - Go and die.

Paul - Pwned.
by Orkyben May 15, 2006
English group formed in late 1968. The singer was a woman, the drummer a Neanderthal, the bass player a polite public school type and the guitarist a diminuitive figure with a penchant for plagiarism. They made a very succesful career by copying Jeff Beck, Robert Johnson and The Beatles Helter Skelter and attract Homer Simpson persona types as fans.
"Whoa, dude, Led Zeppelin are like, cosmic, man"
by BrianB70 May 03, 2006