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A really great guy, beautiful eyes that shine especially when happy and content, he is sensitive, very intelligent, he is also very funny always makes me laugh and makes the best funny faces, he loves money good way to get to his heart, he is a special guy and will never make up for other guys in my life (past and future) he does not like being tied down and controlled you got to let him do his thing let him know you love him but let him be free also. He likes if your always there for him so be there cause sometimes it may not look like it but he needs you, someone to talk to some to hug him and love him someone to show that you care and will never leave him alone.
Girl: hey Bonham wanna go to a movie?
Bonham: I don't know, are you paying?
Girl: ha ha ha yes Bonham let's go.
by raichu23154* February 01, 2014
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A person who thinks they are better and smarter then everyone, loves putting people down, an all around ass.
He is a Bonham , but he is full of himself.
by Bonfires October 23, 2016
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