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n. pl. lech·er·ies
Excessive indulgence in sexual activity; lewdness.
A lecherous act.
Secret Squirrel's lechery was a grim legend at the preschool.
by anonymous October 06, 2003
Lechery; once used as a definition for the sin of adultery, then broadened to sexual sin in general. Now generally refers to sexual practice, with a negative or perverse undertone.
Mark fixed Sarah with a lecherous stare as he undressed her with her mind.
by Corbett May 24, 2004
Illicit or extra-marital sexual activity. See also: adultery, fornication.

It is a high-brow word to help you sound more sophisticated as you explain why you are no longer married.

A related term is mental lechery...its pretty self-explanatory.
Dan Forth: To your own knowledge has your husband ever committed the crime of lechery? Answer me woman! Is your husband a lecher?
by EZ_CHEEVER November 10, 2008
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