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The small bits of food left over on the plate, or the bottom of the frying pan, inside the toaster, etc., which normal people don't eat without a little peer pressure.
1. "Here buddy, eat these leavins so we can make another batch."

2. "You have to eat all the leavins if you want to get the free t-shirt."

3. I didn't even know my toaster had a cleanout flap, so when I finally discovered it there were enough leavins in there to make a whole meal. But I wisely chose to leave them leavins in there, so the years of flavors come out in each and every thing we toast.
by earlsgarage November 02, 2008
noting or pertaining to the deep fried left-over breaded particles at the bottom of a Long John Silvers Chicken Plank basket. As defined by Jeff Sauer, for Michael Shields II.
Shields, you better dip those Chicken Planks in those Leavin's to get the full effect...
by bgsmith September 13, 2008
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