According to Kurt Vonnegut, a "leak" is a mirror. (no joke)
I've got to take a leak
by NPR junkie December 04, 2004
when u piss ur pants
holy shit i just took a leak on my gf last night!
Verb/Rap slang: Another way of saying write.

Noun: Informal and uncommon word for a pen.

"The pencil it leak on the sheet" (Lyric)
The pencil wrote on the sheet / He-She used the pencil to write / The pencil/pen/marker was used to write.

"Leak it down"
Write it down

"Pass the leak"
Pass the pen
by anonymityISperdurable August 01, 2008
A female, usually rather slutty, i.e., they're so loose their junk leaks,
Look at Marla, she's such a leak! That bitch is such a leaky cunt!
by Gospel According to John December 25, 2007
see also: precum and pre-cum
I chatted with this str8 guy all day at work. He was talking shit and had me leaking in my pants like mad.
by lajerker July 23, 2005
To let enemies pass in Warcraft 3 online.
Starters usually leak a lot by forgetting to kill their enemies.
by Ghetto Geek August 02, 2006

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