mexican person, because they mow lawns
There ain't no lawnmowers in Arizona, cause there ain't no grass
by max g October 31, 2006
Someone who eats the sac/pussy.
A hairy pussy specifically.
"Yo, kidd, you nasty eating dat gurrl like a lawn mower dat you r. Dat sac gotta b hairless nigga, u dun want a mouth full of hair"
by DamnIt69 May 11, 2010
A sexual position. The man is standing holding the woman's legs up and boning her tight pussy. The "dirty" version of the classic wheelbarrow race.
that beotch loved it when we started doin the lawnmower
by ghettothug December 26, 2003
1) Machine used to mow lawns, trim grass, and various weeds
2) Illegal mexican alien resident who snuck across the border holding a pinata, ten bottles of whisky, and a shitload of dirty mexican PCP Sometimes has retarded last name that is shameful due to a redneck father duping his dirty mexican mother into having sex. Tries to cover it up with a more obviously mexican name. Characterized by inability to communicate properly with others; exhibits an extreme fondness for tacos and other stereotypically mexican foods
Matthew Titcomb (a.k.a. Matthew Benitez)
by Morgan August 05, 2004
see rugmuncher
A lawnmower is a lesbian, or maybe they're just "experimenting".
by cherrypopscle007 May 08, 2003
Something that cuts the grass on your lawn, preferably a Mexican.
John Smith: Oh no, my lawn needs mowing. I need a lawn mower. Mario!
Mario Roche: Si senor! I mow your lawn for 50 cents!
by John Smith the 20th October 26, 2009

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