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When you're screwing a girl doggie style, you put your 4 fingers right above her asshole, thumb pointing down. Then you take your thumb and "prime" her bunghole like a lawnboy lawnmower
I gave Jenny the old lawn boy last night. I primed her butthole 6 times!
by ElusiveH December 25, 2006
Someone hired to watch and tend a marijuana grow-op. Either paid with cash or product. Often gets busted with the grow if the cops show up.
Before we start this next grow, we better get another lawn boy. The last one got busted.
by dutch passion April 30, 2003
A homosexual brand of outdoor power equipment. owned by
Toro company INC. Famous for their lime green mowers.
Our neighbor Scott Nails and his boyfriend Rico Strong bought a lawn boy lawn mower.
by Ben English March 12, 2008
the act of jumping over a section of grass or lawn and performing a crazeee dubble pump laayup. it is worth 40,000 gamebreaker points and an aoutomatic win. 952 BITCH!!!!!
man did ou see me pull a lawnboy on that kid.
by illest BOi ever May 24, 2008

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