An expression, usually used to exclaim. It can express surprise, distress, joy, etc. An alternative to the popular swear "Lord".
Lawds, this heat it too much!

Lawds, I got to do this damn final.

Lawds, I ain't got no more cheese to eat!
by lawds can't take me nowhere June 30, 2010
Top Definition
Ebonic termniology or equivalent of "lord"
Oh Lawd is dat some chickenz!?
by darksombersky July 03, 2005
A southern drawl version of saying "Lord!"
Lawd, that is the craziest thing I have ever heard!
by Halebop March 12, 2009
Ebonics for Lord.
Lawd have mercy, I can't babysit these bad ass kids no mo'!
by MsBea9 January 31, 2011
Ebonics pronunciation of the name Lloyd.
"Yo mang, we finna been done hang out with Lawd tonight, y'ain know?".
by home_loan February 14, 2012
collective: Lawdz

young grotty irish male teens- wearing nike, tracksuits, pink tshirts, diamond peirced ears, highlighted spiked-up hair and a spot/touch of acne is always to be found, as well as an over-powering stench/reak of Lynx.

interests: underage smokin up and drinkin in public places, crude jokes, excessive swearing and slang, pimped up cars & trashy girls.

behaviour: constant strugle for dominancy over the collective, cocky & aragont behaviour towards women, constant bravado & talking themselves up...secretly insecure, self-concious, unexperienced and imature.

favourite words & expressions: "well boi", "wha d craic", "aww lawdz", "mint", "look at that bird- shes a ride"
Oh look at the lawdz messin around outside the shop- they sent the oldest looking lawd, into the shop to get them cigarettes and steal a porno...
by your-ma December 16, 2009
Lawd - an expression of sadness, grief, excitement; something used to heighten any emotion.
OoooOOoo lawd my day was pieced.
Mayn oooo lawdddddd I got some chopz!
Lawd please, save me rite quik.
by Tin 'G' September 08, 2003
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