extremely talented canadian singer who has never lip-synched in her life. she writes her own songs and music
"if you don't like me for who i am then you don't like me for who i am but who i am is all ur gonna get"
by jodie March 12, 2005
lavigne is a girls name meaning smart pretty and creative. she is constantly making friends and is never lonly although she is verry deep and hides her true feelings. people always feel there is something beautiful hidden behind those deep eyes and want to get to know her.
random - that girl is a mistory, i love it.
friend - she must be a lavigne
by luvlyf June 09, 2010
french meaning the alcoholic beverage wine
would you care to taste some lavigne
by Big penis TJ April 19, 2011
An elusive Canadian woodland creature known for its grotesque shrieks and ability to camoflauge itself as more popular species.
I found a lavigne in my garbage can this morning.
by SHOH February 18, 2003
Evil, blasphemous word. True definition is unknown. Possibly means 'cat vomit'.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 03, 2003
verb. 1. to hang on a tree. 2. lynch 3. to bastardize
ex: what that girl did was so avril that she ought to be lavigned by an entire mob
by vespa September 19, 2003
1) verb. To urinate.
2) noun. Urine.
I really shouldn't have drank all that beer. Now I have to take a massive lavigne.
by Matso July 09, 2003

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