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They make toast.
Hey dude, you Hungry, I have a lava lamp in my rape dungeon.
by charliesheeened June 24, 2011
The effect given when a female's tights or stockings apply pressure on the skin at random places, which change as she walks, giving a lava lamp effect.
"Wow, look at the lava lamps on her!"
by part-time-bankie February 16, 2010
This is for those people on the "Alli" diet. If you consume too much fatty foods, then when you take a crap, the water will have lots of orange blobs floating on top of the water, resembling a lava lamp.
Dammit, that pizza gave me severe Lava Lamps!
by Dick Ensider April 23, 2009
To stroke a mans testicles gently with a babywhipe to prepare for a good suckin.
i gave him a good lava lamp last night.
by the trippin dippins September 01, 2009
When one partner shoots a massive load of cum into the other partners bloody orphus (anus, or vagina). Then shoves a tampon in the orphus. It is left there for 5 minutes.

Once the 'lava' has become warm, your partner creampie's the bloody, cum tampon out.
Ouch, it really must have hurt my girlfriend when I lava lamped her last night.
by the candy man really can't April 04, 2011
v. sex move, sticking a light bulb in a girls anus, and sex her vaj until the bulb lights up
I totally lava lamped that homeless old lady until the room stank.
by garfffffffff April 23, 2010
A person who periodically gains and loses weight.
Hippie: Man, you're a total lava lamp.
by Al3x_lavalover August 26, 2006