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An opiate of the ninteenth century. Good times.
Let us procure some laudanum henry and be cultured. ha HA ha HA.
by a February 28, 2004
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From the book The House of The Scorpion. A drug containing alcohol and opium. The opium being dissolved in the alcohol. Three drops of the laudanum can knock a human out for eight hours.
I got high off dat laudanum the other day.
by Vegeoku May 06, 2004
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A drug that started out as a "Cure-all", drug for the poor, who in the pre-20th century era were too uneducated and ignorant to understand that there was no such thing as a cure-all. Many died from overdosing because warning labels and instructions often didn't come with a bottle, it was made illegal in the US by about 1900. It had no real healing power, although it was one of the first widely accepted placeabos used.
A dangerous drug that doesn't appear to be in wide circulation anymore.
by Japanadan October 11, 2004
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