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A man with faux moralistic ideals that often came into conflict with his policy. Haunted by his failed hostage rescue attempt he will be long remembered as a failure of a president.
Welfare, Iran, Economic Recession,
by Japanadan October 08, 2004
A Red white and blue fag with a similar design to that of the American Flag, flown by the CSA, it's meaning is what you make of it although there has been some scrupulation to the legitimacy of the "heritage" of the flag, it remains a powerful symbol of the South-Eastern United States. Civil War (1861-1865)
After the civil war, a new law prescribed that 75% of a states male population would need to take the pledge to defend America, however less than 10% in most cases actually did, and these states were readmitted into the union, not necessarily of thier own volition but of the volition of the US.
by Japanadan October 08, 2004
A libertarian Presidential candidate who espouses the views of the Libertarian Party, dedicated to reduce government spending, establishing a hard-currency system, Withdrawing from the UN and expelling them,*finally*, Eliminating the nonsensical "assault-weapons ban", Keeping the government out of marital affairs, getting out of Iraq because it's been such a mess. Basically the only party worth voting for.
I was going to vote for Bush, then I found out about the Libertarian Party, now I plan to vote for Michael Badnarik.
by Japanadan October 09, 2004
A phrase that decribes any system, operation, or action, where the beaurocracy serves to create more problems than the problem it was created to solve.
Jack came into class late, the teachers inquiry of, "why were you late?" was followed by, "Sorry, the buses ran with soviet efficiency!"
by Japanadan October 07, 2004
A mythological creature summoned from the depths of hell, does 38-42 dmg, and extra damage to fortified structures as well as (the french economy). Ranged attack and is immune to magic, and has resistant skin giving him +3 armor, as well as 1620 health.
I sent 12 knights and a BloodMage against him and they only did 300 damage, he's overpowered they need to nerf him.
by Japanadan October 08, 2004
A woman who injected an egg into her ass from a turkey baster and then shit it into a pan, cooked it and ate it.
Comes from Japan, JAPAN! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!
by Japanadan October 07, 2004
an opinionated little wanker
bash liberals, look at me mummy!
by Japanadan February 03, 2005
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