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1. Lashings of: a large amount of, used mainly to refer to things like cream, custard etc.
2. Lash: to strike with a whip
3. Lash together: to bind together with ropes etc
4. To get lashed: this is simply to get very drunk/pissed inebriated/sloshed/hammered/legless/rat-arsed /etc. Lash can also be used as a noun meaning alcohol.

As in: 'Hey, do you fancy going out and getting lashed tonight?'
As in: 'Hey, do you fancy going out on the lash tonight?'
by zimo August 16, 2004
a really hott guy/girl.
awww....look at the fella across the street ....he's such a fuckin LASH!!!!
throw violently
the pigs gave chase, so we lashed broken bottles at them.
by morty February 10, 2004
to take without permission or take drugs
i lashed that boys laptop

he lashes crack
by Brownie July 23, 2003
To fUk SuM1..."i got lashed by ma man and he lashed me good"
"he lashed me at ma yard..suked ma juice so hard dat it bled..."
by PaWz AkA BaBy bAsH March 02, 2005
lash means 2 have raw sex
i lashed dat gyal da ova day
by 1luv February 23, 2005
replaces the verb in a sentence to make the action more vigorous
lash that over here
lash round the shops
by hopper February 16, 2005