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1.Totaly makes the oldest and weakest cats flip out. The closest thing to giving your cat a orgasm with out touching it.

2.Could also be construed as kitty crack.

3.A excersise machine for cats.

4. Also used for boring powerpoint presentations

5. Can be used as a false terror attack on airplanes on approach to LAX.
DUDE! I totaly ganked the Priciples laser pointer.
What are you going to do with it?
Probaly play with my cat later.
by silvermanblue September 21, 2007
90 23
A fun thing that you flash in peoples eyes causing blindness
by anonymous August 31, 2003
286 42
1) n. A device that amplifies photons to create a dot that can be seen on the other side of the room.

2) A device that can give you a fucking hilarious time if you have a dog or cat.
I had so much fun watching Bowser chase the dot from the laser pointer.
by The guy from the place March 07, 2008
46 7
Geek penis, as referred to in Can't Hardly Wait.
Girl 2: He asked me to hold his laser pointer!
William Lichter: Now, ladies, ladies, please. Both of you can hold my laser pointer anytime.
by Rachel Whelan May 16, 2007
11 61
A way to someone to bust a cap in ya in LA.
Yo. Put that pointer in the glovebox before someone caps yo ass!
by Aribeth April 07, 2005
27 142