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acronym for "licensed ass rimming madam"
Phil arranged a tryst with his larm jeanie, she performed her specialty to his satisfaction, he tipped her and as a bonus to her returned the favor.
by hotel nelson October 09, 2007
Legs that get used as a second pair of arms.
she just used her fucking larms to open that door, what the fuck!
by furn bang dogg August 09, 2007
Legs that are as thin as arms
She's well skinny, look at her larms
by Liesdale May 08, 2007
That thing that goes off when you're late for shit
Damn, I'm late for my shirt at McDonald's, I musta missed my larm
by P.Dubya December 28, 2013
abbrieviation of Laugh.At.Racism.Mate. In no way racist, a commical slur used of which can also mean "mate" and/or "lol" (laugh out loud). very common amongst the xbox live community from souther england/london in particular
Alright Larm, (in response to someting funny) Larm at that
by BigBoy J-Me July 10, 2008
A larm is a fat arm that could be mistaken for a leg.
(While creeping on facebook) Hey Sara, hey Jana, come check out this chick's huge larm.
by Jizzy Jeff March 18, 2008