kids that kiss infront of b.c. 's locker
yo did you see those kids kissing infront of blaines locker? it was disgusting
by m April 01, 2003
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1)to play or frolick cheerfully
2)a type of bird that flies
3)kral spelled backwards
1)Today, while i was larking about cheerfully, i came across and aardvark.
2)Drat!I hit that lark also known as a brid that flies with my car.
3)Joey was not given credit on the spelling test when he wrote kral even though it is the same thing as a lark.
by teddy l. May 29, 2006
Laugh, a bit of fun, a joke, a jape.

Often mistaken by foolish and ill-educated West-country folk as 'laugh', because they can't understand a bloody word Southerners say.
"Fuck this for a lark."

"That'll be a right lark."
by El_Core November 12, 2005
To have a lark means; to fool around with ones friends & have a laugh (onli jkin)... have a laugh, mess around
eeeh friday nites r 4 havin a lark!
by not a chav September 17, 2005
The epitome of beauty
"Man. She's cute. She's no Lark but she'll do."
by iPizzle the MC March 11, 2009
after smoking large amounts of marijuana, you will feel a sensation which you have never felt before. this is lark, the ultimate high.
tyrone: how high are you?
bovice: im so fucking high! how about you?
tyrone: naw du im...lark
by caleb&merrick&rjl August 13, 2008
1. a merry, carefree adventure with the objective of sexual satisfaction
2. a prank resulting in the objectification of the opposite sex
3. something or someone extremely easy to accomplish

1. to have fun, frolic, or romp in bed
We totally lark'd last night, it was bodacious.

The other night I met a super larkish lark. We ended up larking.
by HolmesonHolmes May 09, 2013
The combination of the following to acts in sequence: Lurking and narking. When a person deceitfully and intentionally tattles on another person in secret.
Larry the lark.

Why Must Larry always be such a lark?
by Samc00k July 07, 2013

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